Exterior 1 - Outside the Tavern

The group begins out past the door to the outside world. The sun pierces the eyes of everyone as the dank musky Tavern is escaped, and thrust into a portal filled with bright mid day sunlight, lush forest and foliage, and a fork in the road with a signpost directory written in knife carvings.

Read the signpost:
Applicable Skills:

  • Perception (WIS) (Can read the sign post carvings)
  • Knowledge: Geography (INT) (Can determine which direction to go without the sign or talking to the man in the tavern)


  • Critical Success: Not only can you read that the sign says Here and There respectively, but you can also see tiny letter carvings that warn of impeccable danger under “There”, but only warns of moderate danger with “Here”
  • Critical Fail: Not only can you not make out the carvings on the sign post, but when you attempt to touch the sign post it easily shreds apart like the softest toilet paper known to man kind.
  • Success: Can just read the sign, Here to the left, There to the right
  • Failure: Doesn’t matter how much you squint at it, you just cant make it out

Exterior 1 - Outside the Tavern

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